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Your price will never go up

Inflation sucks! Your dog didn't cause it and shouldn't eat less nutritious food because of it.

We offer your dog the same price for their entire life, when you choose Subscribe & Save (which saves you an additional 5%).

Wait, how is this possible?
Wait, how is this possible?

Same price. Forever. Period.

BARK Food isn't the cheapest you'll find, but it's high-quality with a competitive price that will not change, even if you feed it to your dog for 15 years.

You can also change the flavor or formulation and we'll honor your original price.

How this is possible?
At BARK, we make all of our own products. By not paying expensive middlemen, we have more control over our costs, which is why we can make this offer to you.


Each breed has a unique profile of physical and behavioral characteristics that guide our recommendations. For example, labrador retrievers tend to skip the chewing part of eating dinner, which is why we have a slow feeder bowl for them! Pitties tend towards sensitive skin, so we've recommended a skin and coat supplement to help with that. Our breed-focused recommendations will help your dog be their best, happiest, and healthiest dog-self.

We generally recommend transitioning food over the course of one week, gradually phasing out the old food and introducing the new. For the first two days offer a meal that is 25% new food and 75% old food. After that, move to 50% and 50% for two days, then 75% new food and 25% old food for two more days. After that your dog should be ready to eat only their new food!

During this transition you will monitor for any vomiting, diarrhea, or appetite change that would indicate your dog is having trouble with the new food. For more on transitioning dog foods see our guide here

For each breed, we have recommendations for food, supplements, and accessories, based on your dog's specific needs according to their breed, age, and any allergies. Each dog breed has some physical characteristics and behaviors that make it unique.

Not if it doesn't feel right! But we recommend that you consider a supplement according to your dog's breed needs! How many of us humans have no skin care regimen whatsoever? High maintenance coats and sensitive skin need extra love in dogs too. The same goes for joint care in breeds prone to skeletal or mobility issues. Providing you with everything we can to help your dog thrive is what we are here for.
Plus, the supplements are yummy so they act like a treat -- how great would it be to treat your dog with something they love AND provides extra health support?

If your dog has a food-specific allergy, you may find that they do better when you eliminate a problem ingredient (usually a protein). Sometimes this can be accomplished by trying different recipes that contain different proteins. BARK has a selection of recipes that you can try for your pup.

Additionally, dogs with general allergies often experience skin challenges. These guys may benefit from extra skin support, so if they tolerate fish consider our Alaskan Pollock kibble recipe (with lots of good Omega -3 and -6 fatty acids) as well as our skin & coat supplement.

(We strongly recommend chatting with your vet, too -- sometimes food isn't the problem, or a very specific food is required).

Yes, BARK is planning to expand our offering of breed specific food as we continue to grow.

You will continue to receive the same great food for your dog! If you signed up before August 1st, 2022, please visit to access your account.

Of course! All of our product offerings area great for both pure bred pups and lovable mixes. Our products are recommended by health needs and personality traits so you can choose what’s pawfect for your pup.

We are constantly working on adding more breeds. Several are in the design phase right now! When we launch a new breed we do want to do it right, everything for the dogs health. (could we highlight some we are working on or is that too dynamic.)

End with a message of tell us what breed below you have and you’ll be the first to know when we support them.

Can’t find your breed?

Currently we only serve a few breeds, but we are working hard on developing the best meal for a broad range of breeds.