Toppers & Treats

Stuff your dog’s stocking with tasty toppers & treats
—mealtimes are the gift that keeps on giving.

fun holiday gift

Holiday advent calendar

Holiday treat calendar - $25

Your pup can count down to Santa’s arrival with 25 days worth of treats! With a tasty surprise behind every door, your dog is sure to spread Christmas cheer by barking loud for all to hear!

Meal Topper


BEEF Liver TOPPER - $15

Top your dog’s kibble with these 100% raw freeze-dried beef liver sprinkles for a burst of irresistibly meaty flavor. One ingredient, countless reasons to do a happy dinner dance.

Product Facts
dog food Topper

Bada bing! bada beef!


Make meals irresistible with this 100% beef topper to rev up your dog's appetite. The Clean Bowl Club has treats for dessert! In moderation, of course.

Meal Topper

Pumpkin Spice Up Your Life Topper

Pumpkin Spice Topper - $15

Dogs never let you use the bathroom alone, and we return the favor. Make sure the pick-up is easy with a fiber-and flavor-packed topper that promotes healthy digestion (and poops!).

Product Facts
Highest rated treats!

Stocking Stuffin’ Treat Bundle

Gobble Jerky Bars 3 pack- $12

THREE bags of Gobble Jerky Bars, BARK’s highest-rated treats! These turkey bites have only five ingredients and contain over 70% US-sourced turkey. That’s a lotta bird, and absolutely no corn, wheat, or soy.

Save $25 with this bundle!

‘Tis The Seasoning Topper Bundle

Topper Holiday Bundle - $30

Chow down and be merry! This bundle includes 100% raw freeze-dried beef liver sprinkles and a tummy-friendly pumpkin broth topper with simple ingredients like pumpkin, honey, & cinnamon. Plus a FREE Elf Advent Calendar with 25 days of treats!